Elevate Planning is a Creative Marketing Firm in LA

Why you want to Elevate

Who We Are

Elevate Planning is a Los Angeles based, woman owned and certified, creative marketing agency. Elevate integrates Technology, Experiential Activations, Millennial/inspirational messaging and style to brands and corporate events. We are backed by 20 years of brand marketing and event activation experience.

Elevate Your Brand

As experts in the Millennial Market, Elevate embraces current events, technology, pop-culture and inspires mindfulness in projects. As forward thinkers we understand the world craves to “feel through a brand” and connect through purpose." Aside from the thrill we get with each new project, our passion also lies in empowering young women. Elevate supports multiple charities such as, I Am That Girl, Boarding For Breast Cancer, Together We Rise and Couple Guys and Gals.

Passion & Experience

Our client's are our partners. We treat every activation and campaign the same. No matter the size or budget, we give the necessary attention and passion they deserve. When our conceptual, creative ideas become a reality, it's hard to tell who gets more excited, our team or the client. Elevate Planning's team experience is backed by over 15 years and our creative resources extend way beyond our office.