Elevate Planning is a Creative Marketing Firm in LA

What We Do

What We Do

Elevate teams up with some of the most influential International and National Brands in the world. We push the limits by Integrating current events, pop-culture, and top creative design teams. We always strive to inspire mindfulness in every project. Our expertise in the Millennial market and mindset has allowed us to create some of the most memorable experiences for consumers.

About the Event

This event was planned and executed by Elevate at the BMW Beverly Hills Showroom event for the i8 launch event. The i8 was painted by Millie Brown a London based, British performance artist. Millie is followed by millions of millennial aged affluent art + car lovers. Brown made her debut on stage with Lady Gaga where they collaborated on a performance called Swine at the SXSW conference in 2014. Millie states "I want to use my body to create art. I want it to come from within, to create something beautiful that was raw and uncontrollable.”

Millie used paint both from her mouth, body and hair to create this “splattered look”. The “gong” performer added to the intensity of the show, while everyone watched and gasped as Millie painted a $150,000 + car.

#We Activate

Impactful Experiential Marketing Campaign and Brand activation

  • In-store and offsite product and merchandise demos + social component
  • Pop-ups, exhibits, mobile tours, college tours, Music Festival Activations, EDM Culture and events
  • Plan and execute product launch, sales and client appreciation events, team curation, brand ambassador’s

#We Innovate

Technology Integration

  • Virtual Reality, AR
  • Video Technology
  • Event Applications, (data captures designed to increase your impact)

#We Inspire

Leading Edge Social Media Marketing and Public Relations

  • Brand + event engagement + media partnerships
  • Connecting brands to social, lifestyle and industry influencer creatives, millennial bloggers, inspirational and millennial messaging
  • Social media metrics, and charitable enterprise partnerships