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Flowers and Elevating Moods For Experiential Marketing Events

Flowers and Elevating Moods For Experiential Marketing Events


Experiential Marketing and Story telling for the Millennial Woman  Empowerment movements are nothing new under the sun. What used to be relatable and associated only with “feminist’s and political campaigns,” is now femme culture that is quickly becoming more of a wholistic lifestyle and attitude. With hashtags and campaigns like #futureisfemale, #girlpower, and #timesup, the female voice is louder than ever, and the urge to close the gap to inequality is at the forefront of societal matters. Women are rising […]

Marketing to Millennials

  Pepsi, and the Social Good Campaign flop by, Elevate Planning   Using advertising and experiential marketing campaigns for social good can be very powerful. Especially if the target audience is the millennial, and the message is meant to inspire and empower. Experiential activations and media ad campaigns are often launched simultaneously, so it is important to apply many of the same components, research, and guidelines before launching. There are several key components to activating a brand properly, and adding socially sensitive issues to campaigns can add fuel to a […]