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Experiential Marketing And The Wellness Industry

  Experiential marketing and the wellness industry, is on the rise. According to adweek.com, the wellness market is estimated at 3.7 trillion. Are we as marketers paying attention yet? From the moment you step into a SoulCycle studio, your energy shifts. From stress and worry, to I’m ready to be empowered! So what, you might say. What’s the difference? Anyone can take a stationary spin class at any gym and pay a fraction of the cost. Although this is partly true, it is the experience you are paying for, not the actual service.
What is it like?
  • A dimly lit, soul cycle studio
  • Oozing fierce energy
  • Mindfully selected, high energy, bass-bumpin’ music
  • Curated branding, modern architecture and design
  • Empowering typography messages
  • Trained spin instructors that inspire and empower
  • A captivated, vested and engaged audience
  • Emotionally connected community environment
  • Undeniable positive energy
  Creating this environment takes someone that not only knows marketing, but also how to get an emotive response from the consumer. Julie Rice, ex-talent manager, had a background in marketing and creating experiences using music and Hollywood talent. Julie co-founded SoulCycle then sold to Equinox for $90M.  At Soul Cycle, they create a family, a team, not only random gym-goers, getting in a work-out. Otherwise, why would someone pay $30+ per class rather than $50 for an entire monthly gym membership? According to marketwatch.com, “Its addictive experience, and fellow riders feed off the group’s shared energy.” Its emphasized that SoulCycle is a movement, and one in which riders are led through an inspirational, meditative fitness experience. “The experience is tribal. It is primal. And it is fun.” When you are riding, you are a rockstar, a hero, a warrior, and no one can make you believe otherwise. The loud music seeps into your soul and into your cells. The beat becomes succinct with your own heartbeat, and the wellness oozes from your body.
  From a millennial, experiential marketing perspective, it is brilliant, because millennials don’t pay for services, they pay for memorable experiences. They pay to be inspired and for out of the ordinary. The millennial wants community, purpose and connection, they want wellness, not only fitness. They want to have fun and feel inspired while handling their biz, and SoulCycle delivers.

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