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Experiential Marketing In The Wellness Industry

The Liquidrom Experience in Berlin What do you get when you fuse a wellness spa with an electronic music experience? You get Liquidrom in Berlin. In Germany, the global epicenter for electronic music, Berlin is known as the capitol of electronic music, and women dj’s rule the scene.  With experiential marketing in the wellness industry, wellness estimating at 3.7 trillion, and the rise of electronic music into mainstream, wouldn’t it make sense to combine the two? After all, who doesn’t love a great […]

Experiential Marketing And The Wellness Industry

  Experiential marketing and the wellness industry, is on the rise. According to adweek.com, the wellness market is estimated at 3.7 trillion. Are we as marketers paying attention yet? From the moment you step into a SoulCycle studio, your energy shifts. From stress and worry, to I’m ready to be empowered! So what, you might say. What’s the difference? Anyone can take a stationary spin class at any gym and pay a fraction of the cost. Although this is partly true, […]

Experiential Marketing And Its Influence On Female Consumers

“Women earn about 83 percent of their male equivalents, meaning they must work an extra 44 days a year to match their male colleagues.”  Now that doesn’t sound fair, but that’s a topic for another blog post. This post is about woman as consumers, and how their buying power influences live experiences and experiential marketing  campaigns. Regardless of this economic inequality, we are in an era of great change, and women are a powerful force in our economic health. How does this affect […]

Flowers and Elevating Moods For Experiential Marketing Events

Flowers and Elevating Moods For Experiential Marketing Events


Experiential Marketing and Story telling for the Millennial Woman  Empowerment movements are nothing new under the sun. What used to be relatable and associated only with “feminist’s and political campaigns,” is now femme culture that is quickly becoming more of a wholistic lifestyle and attitude. With hashtags and campaigns like #futureisfemale, #girlpower, and #timesup, the female voice is louder than ever, and the urge to close the gap to inequality is at the forefront of societal matters. Women are rising […]

Marketing to Millennials

  Pepsi, and the Social Good Campaign flop by, Elevate Planning   Using advertising and experiential marketing campaigns for social good can be very powerful. Especially if the target audience is the millennial, and the message is meant to inspire and empower. Experiential activations and media ad campaigns are often launched simultaneously, so it is important to apply many of the same components, research, and guidelines before launching. There are several key components to activating a brand properly, and adding socially sensitive issues to campaigns can add fuel to a […]

Experiential Marketing x Coachella

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals that happens every year in California. Music festivals are not just events. They are memorable experiences, a community, and a way of living. This is the Mecca of experiential marketing and millennial marketing. Experiential marketing creates an opportunity to elevate a brand to a state of being or persona that consumers can identify with. An experience offers something of value to fans across social media that supports their presence at an event. As you can see […]

Brands that have Charitable Initiatives

Elevate planning is enamored with brands that are passionate about their own charitable initiatives. Brands that support other charities is equally wonderful and we are grateful for them.  One brand that knows how to #giveback utilizing their own products is Ashley Furniture. Ashley Furniture has a charitable mission called “Hope to Dream”. Hope to Dream is designed to provide a free twin mattress, bed frame, bedding and pillow, to underprivileged children.  This creates a platform that allows experiential marketers to […]

Top Experiential Marketing Tips

Teach people about your brand. Experiencing things helps them to understand your brand and fully connect with it Virtual Reality is one of the most powerful tools in experiential marketing. USE IT. What experiences can your brand create that would allow the consumer to experience it in a way they wouldn’t normally be able to? Create experiences with local businesses and partner up. Seek out brands to partner up with and think outside the box Adding digital elements to make […]